Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kohl's (Rebecca) Black Friday - Why?

This is just horrible. Advertisers for Kohl's are real idiots.Why choose a song that has gotten so much shit around the internet? Deemed pretty much the most horrible song/video by YouTube people: Rebecca Black - Friday

I actually feel bad for the girl for all the shit she's gotten from this video. I don't hate it, I don't love it. She's a cute girl with a decent voice that got screwed by the people who made this video and her song. If you hear her without the auto-tune, shes actually good. She got death threats and was bullied at school. It was a sad thing. I'm sure she still dealt with it often. And now Kohl's has brought it all back. 

So anyways, why the hell did Kohl's decide to use this song? There are only millions of other songs to choose from.

Kohl's: I think you are mean. As it is, people got Rebecca Black's song stuck in their head even if they hadn't heard it. Now we are going to get stuck with your lame commercial version stuck in our heads. Good job, we now hate Kohl's. I've actually seen people say online that they refuse to go there because of this annoying commercial. Maybe you should start forkin out the money for better advertisers. 

Why, Kohl's Why?

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