Friday, November 18, 2011

Half Naked Peeps Advertise POM - What?!

There are a few of these commercials. They just irritate me.

So for the first 18 seconds of this commercial, I figured it was for a new lotion or creme, maybe even a body wash. But, no. It's about a freakin pomegranate drink. A drink! What the hell does a snake seductively slithering over a naked woman have to do with a drink?  To top it all off, she looks like she really enjoys the snake. So, I'm thinking these drinks are aimed at men? Because women in general aren't interested in this kind of advertisement.

Maybe the other commercials are aimed at women...

OK at least this commercial could be aimed towards women. Semi-hot guy wandering in the desert. It's all about how warriors drank pomegranate juice before battle. So, I guess this is towards men too. Hey guys, drink this and you will be a warrior ready for battle! yeah! He even walked really far just to show off a bottle of the POM. Doesn't he know that there is no point to show this bottle off in the desert, umm, there is no one to sell it to. Duh!

OK, one more...

Beautiful woman in the water, slow motion. OK I get that. But she comes out of the water looking like shes ready to ravage her man, maybe a new perfume commercial - cuz you know, they are lame too - but no. It's another freakin POM commercial. 

My overall thought - fire the directors!

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