Monday, October 31, 2011

Captain Morgan - WTF?

The new Captain Morgan commercials make no sense to me. This one in particular is annoying:

So, we start off at a large feast. OK, that's cool. The maid drops a glass. A woman looks upon her with disapproval. The Captain seems to think that's a good idea so he then drops his glass. Everyone looks around at each other and starts dropping and throwing their glasses also. Woohoo - it's a glass breaking party! The woman is still not digging the idea, but then after an insinuating glance from the Captain, she joins in and tosses her glass. Everyone jumps up and starts throwing plates. 
Then the ad part - "Captain Morgan - To Life, Love and Loot".

So, I'm guessing if you drink enough Captain Morgan, it becomes OK to just break shit. Seems like a good idea. Just don't come drinking at my house. But, if you do know of any parties going on like this, let me know! I like to break shit that's not mine :)

But still - it irritates me. So much pointless stuff going on before the advertisement of what its about is presented. Why don't they just show the Captain Morgan ad first then switch to a bunch of people breaking shit. There ya go.

At least it's not an ad showing everyone drinking and having fun. Because, you know, it's impossible to have a good time without alcohol (according to some commercials) But that's another blog post to come!

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