Thursday, February 2, 2012

Creature Feature - Have You Heard??

This band is off the hook awesome! I found out about these guys last year when I was on James Gilk's page Mad Hatter Designs (btw - he's awesome too!)

Anyways, I heard the theme song on his page and immediately fell in love. I sent James an email and he told me - Creature Feature. From that moment on I knew I had a new favorite band.  They are very Danny Elfman-esque. If you love Tim Burton movies and twisted carnival music, zombies, ghouls, monsters, and horror, these guys are for you!

Creature Feature - The Greatest Show Unearthed

Creature Feature - Aim For The Head

Creature Feature - Such Horrible Things

Can you see why I love these guys? I can't get enough of them. And btw they are nice guys. They take the time to answer people's questions. I asked them to play my Halloween wedding, but they are busy guys and of course Halloween is their busy time, so no Creature Feature for me :(  But, that's OK. 

Here is all their info so you can hear more!

I borrowed these videos from LongLiveSephiroth  on YouTube. Thank you!

BTW - Creature Feature is only 2 ghouls

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