Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ruined Television

So, I've been workin on this idea in my head..

Reality TV. UGH! It's definitely entertaining and who can pass up the drama, even if it is fake most the time? To me the reality TV boom started when MTV decided to air a little show called The Real World.

This is a true story.. of 7 strangers... you know the rest.

Now, if you don't remember The Real World it's probably because you weren't even born yet. 1992, holy shit, that's 20 years ago!!

I loved The Real World! I was hooked right away. It was actually real. I loved the drama, friendships that happened and of course who could forget Julie, the adorable southern girl? I am aware that The "Real" World is still on, but it's not the same. Now there are scripts and fed lines and situations are planned.

My point is that after The Real World started we ended up with well, 20 years of random reality TV. Most of it is CRAP! And you know what? I am guilty of watching it too. Why should I live my own life when I can watch others do stuff?

Here is an example of how reality TV has gone to shit

Do I need to say more?
Terrible, just terrible.

So, thanks Real World and MTV, you have single handedly ruined television.

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