Sunday, December 4, 2011

Old Navy Does It Again!

So, now Old Navy has some new techno clothes. Interesting. The concept is cool, headphones in beanies, shirts you can play guitar on.. wait, what? Yup. They made musical clothes:

Can you imagine how annoying those must be in school?? I feel bad for teachers right now. What does Old Navy have against them? Yeah let's give kids shirts that can make a bunch of noise. Like I said good concept, but it's not the best idea. Why doesn't old navy just say "Fuck you, people. We want all kids to annoy the hell out of you with our clothes!"


And one more thing.. Your commercials are CREEPY! Check out the little girl in yellow towards the end. Thanks for the nightmares, Old Navy. I hate you!

I still like the headphones in the beanie though.

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