Thursday, December 8, 2011

NOT Bitching About These...

Found a site that has a bunch of classic Christmas commercials. Here are some of my favorites. Just for fun!

Cambell's Snowman

This commercial is classic and has been on TV a lot lately. It just always reminds me of being a kid.!

Coca-Cola w/ The Beach Boys

Kinda blurry I know, but it's still super cute and the Beach Boys make it even better!


I love this one just because 1) I saw it when I was a kid and 2) It's when commercials had their own jingles instead of just using any song they want and ruining them for people. (ex. Old Navy Must Be Stopped!)

Toys "R" Us 1976

This is just awesome!

I hope that anyone who reads this or sees these, they enjoy it.

Merry Christmas!!

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