Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chanting Glasses = CREEPY!

So, I just saw this Pier 1 Imports holiday commercial. I searched everywhere to find the commercial alone, but I ended up finding it along with two other holiday commercials on the Pier 1 Imports Facebook Page.

There are three commercials on this page, all in one video:

Click image to go to the Pier 1 Imports video page:

Here's what I think -

1st commercial - Stereotypical:  African-American woman looking at Kwanzaa decoration. OK, I get it.
3rd commercial - Kinda cute. I like how the lady responds to the penguin with such sincerity.

2nd commercial - OMFG! It's like the Jim Jones glasses with Kool Aid chanting 'PARTY'. It's so creepy to me. Even worse, the woman gets way too giddy over it. She not only wants to drink the Kool Aid, she wants to party with that shit! She even looks around like 'Did anyone else see my giggle? No? Good, I don't want my friends to get suspicious when I freaking poison them!'

I just might go into Pier 1 and complain that the glasses don't chant 'PARTY' to me. FALSE ADVERTISING!!

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